List of products by manufacturer Riccio Caprese

The Ricciocaprese laboratory is located in the heart of Naples, which still welcomes experienced painters and decorators, specialized in Capodimonte art school.

The object starts from the designer’s idea who draws what he wants to achieve. Subsequently, the decorator moulds by hand the ceramic giving it the shape and the characteristics closest to the drawing, obtaining, thus, the “raw piece”, after which the object undergoes a drying process, thanks to which it loses its initial plasticity setting its form and its durability.

From here you make the first firing, or the biscuit process. Then the biscuit piece is decorated, glazed by hand and put in the oven. At this firing you may follow another one, if you want to get a pearl effect. Ricciocaprese colours are the result of blends made by hand, that evidence the uniqueness of Ricciocaprese production even more.


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